February 7, 2023

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Today’s blog post is about how to clean crayfish to remove the crayfish hairs and get crispy and crunchy crayfish.

Crayfish Image

Crayfish is a very common cooking ingredient in Nigeria and it is used for several Nigerian delicacies and soups such as;

  • And many more

If you read my blog post and watch my recipe videos which you will Find Here one of the things you will notice is that I like using crayfish either dried or in powder form for my soups a lot.

However, growing up I don’t really like crayfish because the hairs gives me itchy throat. Having itchy throat can be very uncomfortable or even embarrassing especially when you are in a public place

As I continue ; If you are thinking of where to buy crayfish in Nigeria, just like every other Nigerian foods and ingredients, you can easily buy it in most markets in Nigeria.

But if you want to buy crayfish in bags to start crayfish business then you may have to go to a wholesale crayfish market where you can get a good wholesale price so that you can make some profit.

Just as most Nigerian foods and ingredients are exported, crayfish exportation is a source of livelihood for many Nigerians. Infact crayfish is always in demand by Nigerians in Diaspora who love to cook Nigerian foods.

At the time of writing this blog, 1 derica of crayfish costs between ₦600 – ₦700.You can also ask google by typing queries such as ” crayfish near me” , “buy crayfish online” and so on to buy from online vendors on social media or shopping websites.

Growing up I didn’t really like crayfish because the hairs gives me itchy throat. Having itchy throat can be very uncomfortable or even embarrassing especially when you are in a public place.

All that stopped when I started using the  the method I will be writing about in today’s post.

Ever since I started using this method, eating crayfish has become easier because it is now Crispy, Crunchy and I easily get rid of the crayfish hairs so my throat does not itch anymore.

Although this method makes it really easy for people like me, but I will like to tell you that if you are a person who likes quantity, then this method might not work for you because the quantity of your crayfish will reduce drastically when use this method.


  • Crayfish


  • An old pot
  • Iron spoon
  • Basket/colander
  • Medium size bowl


  •  Place your pot on the cooker to heat it up briefly.
  • When the pot is hot, pour the crayfish into the hot pot.
  • Here is where the work begins. You will Dry fry/Roast the crayfish for 15 to 20 minutes by stirring it continuously so that it does not burn.
  • As you roast the crayfish, you will notice the crayfish becomes shiny and the crayfish in hairs gradually detach from the crayfish.
  • After 20minutes the crayfish will become Crispy and Crunchy.
  • The next step is to get a basket and and a bowl or plate.
  • Be sure to put the bowl, or plate under the basket to reduce the mess.
  • Pour the roasted crayfish into the basket and separate the crayfish from the crayfish hairs.
  • To do this, gently shake the baskets so that the hairs can fall into or onto the bowl.
  • While.doing this, you will notice the hairs fall into the plate and the crayfish will remain in the basket.

Crayfish picture

If you would like to watch the video of how the process explained in this blog post is done CLICK HERE

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