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Tasty Way To Make Perfect Semovita

This blog post will be straight forward because I have already written many thing about semo in my previous how Nigerians make semo .

Please visit here for any background information you may need.

As you already know, there are many tribes in Nigeria and most people love eating semo.

Semo is a shortened name for semovita. Semovita is a popular Nigerian food that is enjoyed with a wide variety of Nigerian soups.

For this recipe, the ingredient needed are stated below.

Ingredients for semovita

  • semovita or semolina
  • water
  • salt

Preparation time : 20 minutes

How to cook semo

  • Fill the pot with 3-4 cups of water – adjust the water quantity according to the quantity of the semo you want to make.
  • Add little salt or adjust to your taste
  • Set your cooker to high heat
  • Place your pot on the cooker
  • Allow the water boil
  • While the waiting for the water to boil
  • Get a bowl, add 5-6 tablespoons of semovita into a small bowl
  • Mix with water till you get a smooth paste with a watery consistency
  • Cover and set aside
  • Reduce the cooking heat to medium heat when the water starts boiling
  • Make a base for the semovita by first pouring the semovita paste into the hot water while mixing immediately
  • Continue mixing even after you have poured all the paste into the hot water
  • Mix until the watery paste looks cooked – you may have to watch the video recipe to see what this looks like here .
  • At this point, start adding the semovita powder in small quantity while mixing at the same time
  • Add more semovita and mix till it becomes thick
  • To get well cooked semovita do the steps listed below
  • Add little water to the thick semovita
  • With a spoon, gently raise the thick semo to ensure the water gets to the bottom of the pot
  • Cover the pot and cook for 3-5 minutes on medium heat or more depending on the quantity you are cooking.
  • After cooking, take the pot off the cooker.
  • Mix very well
  • Fluffy semovita is ready to be enjoyed with your favourite Nigerian soup .
how Nigerians make semovita

Semovita is ready, stated below is how to make it presentable.

How to wrap semovita

Presentation is very important when it comes to food.

Not only does presentation make food more alluring, it also helps with making storing food easy.

Most times, the way you wrap it neatly will show your guest how attentive you are to presenting your food in a nice way.

To do this, you must wrap your semovita immediately you finish preparing it with it is still hot.

This is because, semolina or semovita can be easily moulded when it is still hot.

Here is an easy and simple way to wrap your semovita or semolina nicely.

To do this, you can use moi moi leaves, banana leaves. cling film or transparent plastic bag locally called Santana or eba nylon.

Since eba nylon is most commonly used , listed below is how to quickly wrap your swallow to make it presentable.

  • Tear one side of the bag all the way down to the bottom
  • Place the bag on a small bowl
  • Pour little water and few tablespoons vegetable oil into another bowl – This will help the swallow slide of the spoon easily
  • Dip the spoon you intend to use to scoop the semo into the bowl with water and oil.
  • Scoop the semovita from the pot into the plastic bag spread on the bowl
  • Wrap gently to make presentable.

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You can watch the video of this recipe on my YouTube channel  or by clicking on the the video link below.

Perfect Way to Make Semovita

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