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Nigerian Croaker Fish Stew Recipe

Croaker fish stew

Welcome to my blog, today’s food recipe is croaker fish stew. This croaker fish soup is a common Nigerian soup because it is delicious and also very easy to cook. It easily combines well with white rice, boiled yams, sweet potatoes, Eba, semovita and lots more.

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The ingredients are as follows;

Croaker fish (de-gutted)

Red tomatoes

Bell pepper (tatashe)

Cayenne pepper (shombo)

Scotch bonnet peppers (ata rodo)

Onions (alubosa)

Vegetable oil

Crayfish powder

Seasoning cube

Cooking process

  • Blend tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, scotch bonnet peppers and cayenne pepper into a smooth paste.
  • Lightly salt the fish with ⅟₂teaspoon salt.
  • Toss it up few times and the fish is ready for frying.
  • Pour vegetable oil in a frying pan and allow it heat up briefly.
  • Add few slices of onions to the oil to add flavor to the oil.
  • Lightly fry the onions and remove from the oil.
  • Put the fishes in the hot oil.
  • Fry both sides till it is golden brown.
  • After frying all the fishes.
  • Add some of the oil used to fry the fish in a pot.
  • Add the blended pepper and tomatoes.
  • Cook till it thickens a bit.

This is necessary so that less salt and seasoning will be used.

  • Add crayfish powder, salt, seasoning cube and fried fishes
  • Mix gently and cook for 15minutes.

CROAKER FISH SOUP IS READY!!! Thank you for visiting my blog. To watch full video of this recipe Click HERE EASY FISH STEW RECIPE | NIGERIAN CROAKER FISH STEW | QUICK NIGEIAN FOOD RECIPES

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