Plantains are a staple food in many African and Caribbean nations.

Both unripe plantain and ripe plantains are edible . However, a common dilemma for first timers is usually on how to distinguish between ripe and unripe plantains.

Ripe and Unripe plantains are very easy to tell apart.

The skin of unripe plantains maintains a green colour which turns into yellow as it ripens while the skin of ripe plantains has a yellow colour some people call this sweet plantains.

Ripe plantains

There are many plantains recipes but, it is advisable to first cook unripe plantains before eating it while ripe plantains can be eaten cooked or in its raw form.

As we strive to eat and live healthy, many people want to reduce fried foods consumption as well as lower their cholesterol levels. Hence the questions; can plantains be steamed?, can plantains be boiled?.

If you are thinking of how to make plantains without frying it, yes, plantains can be steamed or boiled, It can also be roasted so you don’t have to fry plantains every time you want to eat it.

In Nigeria, the common methods used for cooking plantains are as follows;

  • Frying method – in this method a sizeable quantity of cooking oil – either groundnut oil, vegetable oil or palm oil – is used to frying the plantains mostly on high heat. This method is used for making fried plantains which Nigerians call ‘dodo’.
  • Boiling/Steaming method – In this method water is sued to cook the plantains and many people use this method because it is believed to be healthier. I will be writing about how to make boiled plantains as this recipe progesses.
  • Roasting method– This method uses dry heat from a charcoal to cook plantains. It is used to make apopular Nigerian street food called ‘boli’. Which involves peeling the skins of plantaisn and placing them on a rack to roast over hot charcoal.

Boli is common eaten with roasted groundnuts/peanuts.

Steamed or Boiled plantains Ingredients

  • Plantains
  • Water

How to make steam plantains

  • Get a bowl of water
  • Put the plantains in the water and clean the plantains to remove dirt, dust and other food contaminants.
  • After cleaning, put the plantains in a bowl
  • Get a chopping board or tray – use whichever one you have or are comfortable using
  • Cut the plantains into big 2-3 chunks.
  • Place you pot on the cooker and pour water into it.
  • Put the steaming rack on the pot and arrange the plantains on the rack – as the water boils, the plantains will be steamed and cooked.
  • Steam for 10-15 minutes
  • Peel off the plantains skin and delicious steamed plantains are ready to be enjoyed.

The ingredients used to make steamed plantains can also be used to make boiled plantains. So, I will be writing on how to make boiled plantains next.

How to make boiled plantains

  • Put the plantains in a clean bowl of water and clean the plantains to remove dirt.
  • After cleaning, cut the plantains into big 2-3 chunks.
  • Pour water into your pot and place it on fire
  • Put the plantains into the pot
  • Cover and cook for 10-15minutes on high heat
  • After cooking, peel off the plantains skin and boiled plantains are ready to be eaten.
Boiled/Steamed Plantains

Now that I have explained how to make steamed or boiled plantains, here are some of the amazing food combination you can try with your cooked plantains.

Plantain food combinations

  • Boiled plantains and Pepper soup
  • boiled plantains and eggs (fried eggs)
  • boiled plantain and egg sauce
  • boiled palantains and vegetable sauce
  • boiled plantains and stew
  • boiled plantains and fish sauce
  • boiled plantains and pepper sauce

Please click on the YouTube video below, If you would like to watch how I enjoy my steamed plantains with peppersoup. And I will appreciate if you also subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you

Steamed Plantains with Catfish Pepper soup

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