how to make elubo

Elubo is a common word in Yoruba language which is used to refer to smooth or fine flour and it is synonymous with fine flour that turn to dark brown when cooked.

In Western Nigeria, there are three types of elubo which are

  • Elubo Isu
  • Elubo Lafun
  • Elubo Ogede

Elubo Isu

Elubo isu also known as yam flour in English language and popularly called elubo amala. This is the fine flour gotten after grinding dried yam into powder.

To make this, the yam skin is first peeled, then the raw yam is cleaned with clean water and dried to remove all the liquid contents in the yam.

The flour is then used to make amala which is the most common type of amala eaten by the Yoruba people.

Elubo Lafun

Among all the three (3) types of elubo commonly eaten by the Yoruba people, this is the only type of elubo that has a white/creamy white colour when it is in its flour form and when cooked.

Elubo lafun is made form cassava and it retains the creamy white colour of cassava even after it has been turned to flour.

Elubo Ogede

The word ogede in Yoruba language means plantain. Simply put, elubo ogede is the fine flour gotten from grinding dried unripe plantains.

Ingredients for Plantain Amala

  • Dried unripe plantains
  • Water
Dried plantain slices for elubo

How to make elubo Ogede

  • Get unripe plantains also called green plantains.
  • Peel the skin of the plantains and put the peeled plantains in a clean bowl.
  • Slice the plantains vertically
  • Dehydrate the plantains slices in a dehydrator or by sun drying.
  • Grind dried plantain slices to fine flour.
Plantain flour

Utensils Needed

  • Pot
  • Serving spoon
  • Omorogun or wooden spatula

How to make Amala (Elubo Ogede)

  • After the dried plantain slices have been blended into fine powder – in Nigeria this can be easily done at the market for a small token.
  • Get a small bowl and put ½ cup of plantain flour into it
  • Gently add room temperature water in small quantities to the flour while mixing at the same time.
  • Do this until you achieve a runny consistency and set aside
  • Put pot on the cooker and add 3 cups water
  • Allow water to boil on high heat
  • Reduce the heat when water starts to boil
  • While the pot is still on the cooker gently pour in the plantain flour earlier mixed with water
  • Ensure you mix with a wooden spatula immediately
  • Mix well when the watery plantain mix is finished
  • You will notice it starts to thicken
  • Add more plantain flour and continue mixing till you achieve a very thick texture.
  • Pour water into a small bowl
  • Dip the serving spoon into the water and use the spoon to push down the Amala on the omorogun back into the pot
  • Also push down the Amala stock to the sides of the pot
  • Add ¼ cup water on the sides of the Amala in the pot
  • Cover the pot and let it steam for 2-5minutes on low heat
  • After 5 minutes, mix very well again for about 2 minutes.
  • If you are not eating it immediately, put Amala in moi moi leaves or cling film and wrap it well. Keep wrapped Amala in a cool and dry area till you are ready to eat.
Elubo Ogede Amala

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How to make elubo ogede

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