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Animal hide popularly called ponmo in Yoruba language , kanda in Igbo language or Fata or Ganda in Hausa language. While in Ghana some people call it Kahuro or wele

Ponmo Ijebu picture
Cleaned Ponmo Ijebu

Ponmo is cow skin that has been processed for consumers to cook and eat. In Nigeria, ponmo is used to cook a wide variety of dishes, soups, sauces and even snacks or finger food such as;

The high consumption rate of ponmo has created business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Ponmo business is lucrative and profitable that people earn a living selling dry ponmo ijebu or dry white ponmo also known as fried white ponmo business.

So, buying ponmo is just like buying meat or fish from the market you can even buy ponmo online from the comfort of your home.

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A lot of people earn a living from dry ponmo business in Nigeria by selling Ponmo within Nigeria and also exporting Ponmo to Nigerians in diaspora.

Ijebu ponmo is a popular choice for Nigerians in diaspora because it can be easily preserved and It doesn’t spoil easily.

Brown Ponmo also called Ponmo Ijebu is dehaired by singeing i.e by burning. Processing cow skin to Ponmo by singeing employs the use of firewood and other materials

Dry ponmo Ijebu

Some people also used plastics, used tire, spent engine oil,kerosene as fire sources either alone or combined with firewood.

The end result is brown dried Ponmo called Ponmo Ijebu which is drained of all liquid content making it hard and well preserved.

However, cooking with ponmo Ijebu can be a daunting task if you do not know how to clean it properly and I will be writing on how clean it easily and fast by making it soft.

Cleaning Time : 30minutes


Ponmo Ijebu


Iron Sponge

Big bowl



  • Put ponmo Ijebu in a big Bowl
  • Add a lot of water
  • Cover and let it Soak for 12-24 hours
  • After 12-24 hours you will find that the ponmo has softened and it has also expanded
  • Start scrubbing the ponmo one by one with the iron sponge
  • Scrub the ponmo until all the black dirt have been removed
  • Put cleaned ponmo in a separate bowl
  • Repeat the process until all the ponmo have been washed clean
  • Dispose the water after all the ponmo have been washed clean
  • Fill the bowl with a fresh batch of clean water
  • Wash the ponmo the second time to ensure that the stubborn dirt are removed
  • Use the knife to scrap/cut stubborn dirt if it can not be removed with the iron sponge


Ponmo Ijebu cleaned by soaking

Note: If you soak the ponmo for less than 24 hours, although it is edible by then but there is a high probability that it will continue swelling after you cook it.

This means that your soup will most likely become thicker after cooking because the ponmo will absorb some of the liquid in your soup.

For a detailed video recipe with the step by step process of how to clean Ijebu Ponmo to get it ready for cooking  Click Here for recipe

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