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Akara and pap is one of the most popular Nigerian breakfast combinations ever. In fact some people say it is the best Nigerian breakfast you should always start your day with.

Nonetheless, there are so many Nigerian breakfasts that I think you should try at least once. Today, I share with you an easy Nigerian breakfast you will love.

Rice and coconut pudding

During Ramadan, rice and coconut pudding is a sweet and milky meal enjoyed by many people as one of the foods used to start the fast or break the fast.

This simple and healthy Nigerian breakfast is popularly enjoyed in the Northern part of Nigeria.

The original name for this food is in Hausa language, it is called Kunun Shinkafa da Kwakwa.

For easy understanding, here is the translation of the name as it implies, Kunun in Hausa language is used for ‘pudding’ like foods. ‘Shinkafa’ is rice while ‘kwakwa’ is coconut in Hausa language.

Nigerian breakfast ideas

Apart from pap and akara the below listed are some of the many Nigerian foods enjoyed as breakfast.

Here are some of breakfast ideas in Nigeria that you should try.

On the other hand, many Nigerian eat what they have or feel like eating for breakfast.

This is the reason why some people eat heavy foods like eba, pounded Yam and many more in the morning.

What I am trying to state is that , there are no clear-cut options that must be eaten for breakfast.

Ingredients for rice and coconut pap

  • 1 cup rice flour
  • 1 coconut
  • 1 cup powdered milk
  • 4 cups
  • 6 almonds

Traditionally, this recipe is made with raw tuwo rice.

Tuwo Shinkafa rice
Tuwo shinkafa rice.

But because this is an easy recipe, I will be using rice flour.

How to make rice and coconut pap

  • Drain your coconut water from the coconut by making a hole in one of the three outlines on the coconut
  • Remove the coconut shell by breaking the coconut
  • Scrap the brown back off the coconut flesh to reveal an all white coconut flesh
  • Grate or blend the coconut flesh with some water
  • Separate the coconut milk from the chaff
  • Set aside the chaff to be used later
  • Add the rice flour into the coconut milk
  • Ensure you have a smooth paste by mixing very well
  • Set cooker on medium/high heat
  • Place pot on the cooker
  • Now pour water into the pot
  • Immediately add the rice and coconut milk paste
  • Mix continuously until pap thickens – the great thing is it thickens really fast in about five minutes.
  • For Texture, add 1 tablespoon of the coconut chaff
  • Continue mixing until it thickens to the consistency you want.
  • Add Powdered milk into a small bowl of water
  • Mix well till the milk completely dissolves
  • Pour the milk into the pap and mix well

Kunun Shinkafa Da Kwakwa is ready to be enjoyed.

It can be enjoyed alone or with nuts of your choice such as peanuts, almonds and many more.

Rice and pap

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Rice and coconut Pudding.

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