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How To Make Beans And Rice

Welcome to my food and dining website where I share easy Nigerian food recipes.

This is a rice and beans recipe on how to cook rice and beans together.

As you may know, there are a lot of rice recipes on this blog. This blog post is about another unique rice recipe you will like, this time it is mixed with beans.

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Nigerian food recipes for rice.

Rice is an integral part on the Nigerian diet. As a Nigerian, I eat rice at least three times in a week.

One of the most popular Nigerian food recipes cooked with rice is Jollof Rice .

Jollof Rice and Peppered Chicken is Ready

Jollof rice and fried rice are unique rice recipes popularly served in most Nigerian owambe parties.

Even non-Nigerian attest to the deliciousness of these rice dishes but these are not the only rice delicacies in Nigeria.

Honestly, It is quite easy to eat rice everyday because there are so many rice recipes embedded in Nigerian food recipes.

On this blog, I have several Nigerian food recipes made with rice that you would love. Some of my rice recipes are stated below.

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Nigerian Beans Recipes

Just like rice, there are a numerous beans recipes in Nigeria. Popular foods made with beans are moin moin, akara, ewa riro, gbegiri, ewa agoyin and many more.

Here are some of the recipes which you may like to try.

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Beans and Rice

There are different types of Nigerian beans which you can read more about here.

Nigerian Oloyin beans

Perhaps when you read the title of this recipe, you were wondering how possible it is to cook rice and beans together.

Sincerely, It is not out of place to think that this is impossible because none of all the different of types beans in Nigeria have similar cooking time with rice.

The difference in cooking time makes it hard for many people to cook rice and beans properly without having an undercooked beans or overcooked rice.

Do not worry, achieving a properly cooked rice and beans dish is not impossible.

If you are willing to try this recipe and the simple cooking hack I will be sharing, the basic knowledge of the different cooking times for beans and rice will enhance the outcome you will get.

This is the reason why in this recipe, I will be sharing with you a simple method of how to cook beans and rice.

Ingredients for rice and beans

  • 2 cups raw rice
You can use any of these two types of rice.
  • 1 cup Nigerian brown beans
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 3 tablespoon vegetable oil

When I cook rice and beans, I like to have more rice than beans hence the measurement ratio of 2:1.

You may adjust this measurement to your preference.

Ensure you read this recipe till the end to satisfy your curiosity regarding my use of vegetable oil.

How to cook rice and beans together

  • Clean rice by pouring it into a bowl of clean water
  • Drain the water used to rinse the rice by pouring it into a basket
  • Set rice aside to be cooked later
  • Pick out the dirt – stones, chaff and bad beans – from the beans first.
  • Get a bowl of clean water
  • Pour the beans in clean water
  • Rinse the raw beans out of the water into a basket to drain
  • Set your cooker to high heat
  • Place your pot on the cooker
  • Add water into the pot
  • Pour the cleaned beans into the pot.
  • Allow to cook until the beans is very soft while adding more water when necessary – To test the softness of the beans put some on your spoon and press lightly with your fingers or taste it.
  • Drain beans water by pouring beans into a colander or sieve.
  • Pour the beans back into the pot and add more water
  • Place the beans back on the cooker
  • Add the cleaned rice
  • Add salt and vegetable oil
  • Cook till the rice has softened enough to your preference
  • Drain excess water from the rice and beans by pouring it into a colander
  • After draining pour the rice and beans back into the pot
  • Place the pot on your cooker and cook for 1-2 minutes in order to completely dry out the moisture that may remain.

Delicious fluffy rice and beans is ready to be enjoyed with Stew.


As stated earlier, the reason why vegetable oil is need for this recipe is to make sure that the cooked rice and beans remain separate even when it gets cold.

You would notice that the beans was first cooked till it was very soft because the raw rice was added. This cooking hack helps to make sure that beans is not undercooked by the time the rice is properly cooked.

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How to make beans and rice Nigerian

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Don’t Miss New Recipes!

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