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How To Make Wheat Flour Swallow

Whole wheat flour swallow is a low carb Nigerian swallow that is good for weight loss.

Whole wheat flour or wholemeal flour is a powdery food ingredient derived by grinding whole wheat grains.

Wheat grains grinded to powder to make whole wheat flour

It is rich in proteins, fibre, antioxidants, vitamin B and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and manganese.

Also, it is one of the healthiest Nigerian swallow because of its benefits to the body which includes its ability to help with weight loss.

Nigerian Swallow

A wide variety of different ingredients are used when making different types of Nigerian swallow.

Ingredients such as rice, plantain, garri, yam, cocoyam or taro, dried cassava, semolina and many more.

Listed below are some Nigerian swallow recipes you may love to try.

In the quest for healthy living, many Nigerians have had to remove many types of Nigerian swallow from their diet because they were considered too heavy to aid weight loss.

Itemized below are the ingredients you needed for this healthy Nigerian swallow.

Ingredients for whole wheat flour swallow

  • wheat grains
  • water

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Now I will be writing about how to make excellent wheat flour swallow that you would love because of its fluffiness and smooth texture.

How to prepare wheat flour swallow

  • Blend wheat grains into fine powder
Whole Wheat Flour
  • Add 2 cups of wheat flour into a bowl
  • Mix the separated wheat flour with water till you get a smooth thick paste
  • Set wheat paste aside for later
  • Adjust your cooker to high heat
  • Place your pot on the cooker and add 2 cups of water
  • Allow the water to boil very well
  • Ensure your omorogun also known as wooden spatula is on hand
  • Take the pot of hot water off the cooker
  • Set on a smooth surface
  • Pour wheat paste into the hot water and mix immediately – this is done in order to avoid having lumps in your wheat flour swallow.
  • Reduce the cooker temperature to medium heat
  • Place the pot back on the cooker after mixing all the wheat paste into the hot water
  • Continue mixing while adding more wheat flour with your hands.
  • Do this till your wheat flour swallow becomes thick as it looks in the video attached below.

This whole wheat flour has no anticaking agent added so it is important that you add more wheat flour into the mixture with your hand so that you can feel for lumps in the flour and crush them with your fingers before adding to the mixture in the pot.

  • Scrape the swallow stuck to the wooden spatula and the sides of the pot back into the pot
  • Add 1/2 cup of water to the sides to the swallow ensuring that the water gets to the bottom of the pot
  • Cover the pot, cook for 5-6 minutes on medium heat
  • After 6 minutes, mix the swallow very well with your omorogun to get a fluffy whole wheat swallow

Whole wheat swallow is ready to be enjoyed with your favourite Nigerian soup.

Wheat Flour Swallow

After cooking, wheat flour in its purest form turns brown hence its resemblance with amala as you can see above.

Here are some Nigerian soups suggestions that tastes great with with wheat flour swallow, I think you should try some.

wheat flour swallow with Nigerian soup

You should also check here for a wide variety of easy Nigerian soups recipes that you should try.

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How to make wheat flour swallow | The best Nigerian swallow for weight loss

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In conclusion, you should add whole wheat flour swallow to your diet so that you can enjoy the amzing benefits it has for our wellbeing.

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