Spicy Rice Drink | Lamugin Drink Recipe


Spicy Rice Drink | Lamugin Drink Recipe

Lamugin is a spicy rice drink commonly enjoyed in Ghana and I will be writing about how to make this spicy rice drink at home.

Not only will I be writing about how to make lamugin but i will also be listing the ingredients for lamugin as well as how to store leftover drink.

This rice drink is also called different names such as lamugee, emuduro and Hausa beer. I will be using these other names interchangeably all through this blog post.

Typically, it is natural drink made with rice, ginger and some other spices that gives it a distinctively delicious and spicy taste.

Tuwo Shinkafa rice
local white rice or tuwo shinkafa rice

When preparing lamugin drink, it is important to note that the type of rice used is the local white rice.

To make it easier, when you want to buy this type of rice from the market simply ask for tuwo rice.

Tuwo rice is the easiest way to describe the type of rice used to make lamugin drink because the most common recipe this rice is used for is to make tuwo shinkafa.

As the name implies, Local white rice is very white in colour and can be easily differentiate from the common rice used for general cooking.

the difference between rice for Tuwo shinkafa and normal white rice
Normal white rice (left) Tuwo shinkafa rice (right)

Lamugee is believed to provide great benefits to nursing mothers because it is believed to help increase breastmilk production in a lactating mother.

It is also believed to ease cough or cold symptoms especially if it is prepared with a lot of cloves and consumed in room temperature not cold.

Below are the ingredients for lamugee or lamugin.

Ingredients for lamugin

  • 1.5 cups Local white rice
  • Tamarind
  • 1/8 sugar
  • Water
  • 1 tablespoon black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon cloves
  • 3-4 chilli pepper
  • 1 ginger root

How to make Lamugee

  • Rinse the rice in clean water as many times as possible till waterbecomes clear.
  • Then soak rice in clean water for 6 to 8 hours
  • Rinse the tamarind with clean water and also soak it for 4 – 6 hours
  • Pour soaked tamarind in a sieve
  • Sieve out the tamarind juice and set aside – you may have to add extra water to get all the tamarind out
  • Get a blender and pour the soaked rice into the blender
  • Also add black pepper, ginger, cloves, chilli pepper and water
  • Blend very well to achieve a smooth texture
  • Get big bowl and a sieve
  • Pour some of the blended mixture into the sieve
  • Sieve the mixture so that the chaff remains in the sieve while the smooth drink drizzles into the bowl below.

Do not add water at all when sieving this drink

  • Dispose the chaff after sieving.
  • Add the tamarind juice and sugar.
  • Mix well till sugar completely dissolves
  • Add Ice cubes
  • Lamugin is ready to be enjoyed
Lamugin drink
Lamugin drink is ready

Often times when making this drink, you may realise that you have made more than you need and become worried about how to store the leftover to avoid waste.

You do not have to worry any more or continue throwing away you leftover lamugee drink because it was not properly stored.

To store your spicy rice drink, here are the things you need.

  • funnel
  • Plastic bottles with cover
  • Fridge or freezer

How to store spicy rice drink at home

  • Properly wash plastic bottles and their covers with soap and water
  • Rinse bottles multiple times to get rid of the soap
  • Sterilise the bottles by pouring hot water in them
  • Leave the hot water in the bottles for 1-2 minutes
  • Pour out the hot water and place the bottles face downwards ona rack to drain the water
  • Mix the leftover lamugee drink properly- this is because the drink settles easily
  • Put a funnel in the bottle and pour the drink into the bottles.
  • Tightly cover the bottles with the lid.
  • Store the drink in the fridge or freezer.
lamugee drink
Emuduro or Hausa beer

Whenever you want to drink leftover lamugee, if it is frozen make sure you let it defrost properly.

Also, you have to shake it well before drink because it has a penchant of settling down to the bottom.

You can also watch the video recipe on my YouTube channel by clicking on the video below. While you are there, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Spicy rice drink | How to make Lamugee or Lamugin

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