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Perfect Egg Stew With Boiled Yams

In this recipe I share with you an absolutely delicious boiled yams and egg sauce recipe.

Just like rice, yam is a popular weekend food favourite in many Nigerian homes.

Nigerians love yams so much that there are many yam recipes in the Nigerian cuisine.

On this blog I have some authentic yam dishes you would love here

Yams are cooked with different methods such as frying, roasting, pounding and boiling.

Amongst the different cooking methods listed above, this is a boiled yams recipe because I would be using the boiling method.


How to cook yams

  • Place yam on a flat surface
  • Cut yam into slices in desired thickness
  • Peel the brown skin of the yam slices
  • Put peeled yam slices into a bowl of clean water immediately after peeling
  • Clean the yams s
  • Set cooker to high heat
  • Place your pot on the cooker
  • Add enough water to cook the yams into the pot
  • Put the yams into the pot of water
  • Add salt
  • Cook till yam slices are soft enough
  • Test yam softness by putting a fork or knife through it.
  • Place a basket over a bowl
  • Drain the excess liquid in the pot of yam by pouring it into the basket.
  • Return the yam slices into the pot

Boil yam is ready to be enjoyed alone or combined with other ingredients or Nigerian dishes.

Below are the popular combinations you should try with your boiled yams.

As you know, this blog post is about the last option amongst the popular food combination which is boiled yam and egg sauce.

Next I will be writing a detailed process on how to prepare egg stew also known as egg sauce.

Egg sauce

Nigerian Egg sauce is also called egg stew.

Some Nigerians believe that it should be called egg stew because the inclusion of stew ingredients while cooking it.

I should inform you that there are two (2) types of egg sauces in Nigerian cuisine.

Stated below is the list of the egg sauces commonly enjoyed in Nigeria.

garden egg sauce
  • Egg sauce or stew made with poultry eggs.

In this egg sauce recipe, the major ingredient are poultry eggs.

The attractive thing about egg stew is that there are many delicious combinations for egg sauce that you can trust to satisfy your taste buds. You can find some of these combinations below.

  • egg sauce and yam
  • egg sauce and plantain
  • egg sauce and rice
  • egg sauce and bread
  • egg sauce and spaghetti
  • egg sauce and potato

Before I continue to the list of ingredients, I beleive I need to prepare your expectations about this simple recipe. Trust me, it will make you lick your fingertips because of its mind-blowing taste.

Egg Sauce Picture

Here are the ingredients for this egg stew recipe.

Egg stew Ingredients

  • 9 tomatoes
  • 4 scotch bonnet peppers
  • 2 medium size onions
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 table spoon seasoning powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt

How to make egg sauce

  • Peel the skin of onions
  • Chop half of one of the onions and set aside
  • Clean the tomatoes and peppers in water
  • Blend the tomatoes, peppers and remaining one and half onions to a rough texture
  • Set your cooker to high heat
  • Place your frying pan on the cooker
  • Pour the vegetable oil into the frying pan and allow it heat up for 1-2minutes
  • Add the chopped onions, allow fry for 1-2 minutes
  • Pour the blended tomatoes mix into the hot oil
  • Add seasoning and salt then mix well
  • Cook for 10-15 minutes till the sauce becomes thickened with the vegetable oil floating on top
  • Crack eggs into a bowl
  • Mix the sauce well before pouring the raw eggs into it
  • Reduce the heat of your cooker to medium heat
  • Continue to mix raw eggs into the sauce while frying
  • Do this till egg sauce is properly cooked.

Yummy egg stew is ready to be enjoyed with boiled yam.

Boiled yams and egg sauce

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Yummy yam and egg sauce recipe

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