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How To Make Avocado Leaves Tea

In this blog post I will be sharing how to make an easy and healthy tea called avocado tea or avocado leaves tea. Many people know about the amazing health benefits of consuming avocado pear ( the fruit) in fact just like every other fruit, including avocado in your diet is highly recommended.

But many people do not know that the avocado fruit is not the only beneficial part of the avocado plant, hence this recipe. The focus of this recipe is to tell you about an age-long simple and potent medicinal recipe which involves cooking avocado leaves.

Fresh Avocado leaves

Avocado Leaves

As the name suggests, avocado leaves are the leaves gotten from avocado trees and this is the major ingredient for this recipe.

For this recipe, you can use fresh avocado leaves or dried avocado leaves because often times, it is quite hard to get fresh avocado leaves unless you have an avocado tree close to you.

But if you do not have an avocado tree close to you, when you buy a bunch of fresh leaves it is very common to find some avocado leaves turning brown because the leaves are drying.

As stated earlier, the good news is you can use either dried of fresh leaves for this recipe and as I continue with this recipe, I will be stating few of the benefits of drinking avocado leaves tea.

Avocado Tea Benefits

As it is with many herbal drinks, this question ; is avocado tea good for you? is always asked. In response to this question, stated below are few of the benefits of drinking avocado leaves tea and they are as follows:

  • Relaxation : Avocado leaves tea helps to relax the body because avocado leaves contain serotonin which is known to instil calmness and relaxation in many parts of the mind and body. So it helps to promote healthy sleeping patterns as well as boost our moods.
  • Healthy blood sugar levels : the presence of antioxidants and phytochemicals helps in the breakdown of glucose which in turn prevents the unhealthy increase of blood sugar in the body.
  • Healthy blood pressure levels : Just as avocado leaf tea helps in relaxing the body for a healthy sleep, it also relaxes the blood vessels thereby reducing blood pressure.

I will be writing the procedure on how to prepare avocado tea. However, it is important to state that despite all the health benefits of drinking avocado leave tea, too much of everything can be bad, even the good stuff. As a result please ensure that ‘you drink this tea in moderation’

How to prepare avocado leaves tea

Ingredients for avocado leaves tea

  • 30 Avocado leaves
  • 5 litres Water
Cleaned avocado leaves

Cooking process

  • If the leaves are still attached to the stalk, separate the leaves from the stalk
  • Put separated leaves into a bowl while the stalk can be disposed
  • Clean the leaves as many times as possible with clean water until the water used in cleaning is clear not brown
  • Put the cleaned leaves in a basket or colander to drain the water used for cleaning
  • Put clean pot on your cooker and fill the pot with the desired amount of water
  • Add the cleaned leaves and cook for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Avocado leaves tea is ready to be enjoyed hot or cold
Avocado leaves tea is ready

It is best enjoyed without sugar but if you would like to sweeten your tea, you may add little honey.

If you made a lot of tea, to preserve the leftover do the below-stated ;

  • Get bottle(s) with lid/covers either made of plastic or bottle
  • Wash and rinse bottle(s) properly
  • Sterilize bottle(s) in hot water
  • After tea cools down completely, remove the leaves
  • Pour tea into the bottle and cover it
  • Put in the fridge or freezer. Do not put glass bottles in the freezer.

You can also watch the video of this recipe on my YouTube channel by clicking on the video icon below

Avocado leaves tea recipe

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