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Rice is a staple food in Nigeria, it is so popular that many Nigerians eat rice at least twice in a week while some people even eat rice on a daily basis.

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In Nigeria, white rice is a versatile food that is eaten with different soups and sauces such as;

And Many more.

Also, cooked rice is one of the most accessible foods as it can be easily bought in different varieties such as white rice and stew, Jollof rice , coconut rice , fried rice and many more.

Infact, selling rice either raw or cooked is a lucrative business and many Nigerians earn a living/daily income from it.

It is a sold by food vendors everywhere on the street as street food and even in luxury hotels and fancy restaurants.

But as commonly eaten as rice is in Nigeria, ofada rice is highly underrated as many Nigerians eat more of white rice.

Ofada rice is short grain rice locally produced in Nigeria and it is grown in ofada town in Ogun state hence the name Ofada rice.

Until recently, a lot of Nigerians looked down on ofada rice because of its unrefined nature as it has brown stripes. The brown. Stripes is actually because of its unpolished nature which is as a result of it being cultivated without chemicals.

Also, many people do not eat ofada rice because of the unique smell it has and because it has to be handpicked to remove stones and particles because of the poor quality in the ofada rice processing by local farmers.

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Just like White rice, while cooking ofada rice a unique smell fills the cooking environment which some people find offensive.

This unique smell does not affect the taste of Ofada rice in a bad way, on the contrary Ofada rice tastes delicious when eaten with its signature sauce Ofada sauce also called designer sauce.

For video recipe, Click here for OFADA SAUCE RECIPE | OFADA RICE STEW RECIPE

Nowadays, the amazing benefits of Ofada rice have turned it into one of the highly sought after foods so much that it is now a Nigerian owambe party favourite and many Nigerians in diaspora ship it to various destinations all over the world.

All of this have made ofada rice business a very lucrative one. Now, you don’t have to go all the way to ofada town in ogun state Nigeria to buy ofada rice. You can simply order it from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world and it will be delivered to you.

Here are some of the numerous health benefits of Ofada rice which Includes;

  1. Vitamins & Minerals : It contains higher amounts of vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, zinc and folate which helps to nurture our bones. It also contains Vitamin A, C and E which are important for general wellbeing and healthy living.
  2. High fibre content : ofada rice has high fibre content when compared to polished white rice. The fibre content helps our digestive process by adding bulk to our stool thereby eliminating constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and excess flatulence.
  3. Low calorie and gluten free : ofada rice can help those who want to lose  weight or maintain healthy weight. When included in a heal lifestyle, it helps prevent obesity because of its high fibre and nutrient content.
  4.  High in antioxidants

Now that we know some of the amazing benefits of ofada rice consumption, I hope I have been able given you a reason to eat ofada rice.

Ofada rice benefits
Cooked Ofada rice



1 cup of Ofada rice

1tbsp vegetable oil

1/2 tbsp salt

Ofada rice recipe


Cooking Preparation

  • Get a clean bowl of water
  • Pour the ofada rice into the bowl of water and wash
  • Change the water by draining it in a basket and wash again with another clean water
  • Ofada rice is unrefined and dusty so it is advisable to water ofada rice atleast four(4 times) or till the water is clear
  • Put a pot on fire
  • Add 7 cups of water
  • Also add salt, vegetable oil and washed Ofada rice.
  • Cover the pot and cook until ofada rice is soft to your taste.
  • when ofada rice is soft enough, remove it from the fire
  • Place a basket on top of a bowl
  • Pour the Ofada rice into the basket to remove the excess water
  • When the water has been completely drained
  • Dispose the water


Ofada rice and stew
Ofada rice and Ayamase Sauce also called Ofada stew

To watch the video of this recipe click Here

You can also read a detailed recipe on How to cook ofada Sauce or Ayamase Sauce here CLICK HERE


  • Vegetable oil is added so that the rice will not stick together even when it is cold.
  • Excess water is used to cook rice so that draining it can be used to remove the excess starch that makes rice stick together when it is cold.

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