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Goat Meat Stew Recipe

This pot of yummy goodness is goat meat stew or sauce. In Nigeria, the Yorubas call Goat meat “Ogunfe”.

So the next time a food server in a Nigerian party or restaurant asks you if you want Ogunfe, you know what it means.

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This recipe is what you need, If you are looking for something different to cook to change taste or for any ceremony such as christmas party, new year celebration party, birthday party, child dedication or naming ceremony and many more.

There are three(3) popular goat meat recipes in Nigeria;

  1. Goat meat stew or Sauce
  2. Goat meat peppersoup
  3. Asun (spicy goat meat barbecue)

Although, Goat meat is commonly eaten in Nigeria it is still considered exotic because it is not as common as beef.

Buying beef – cow meat- in Nigeria is very easy because most meat sellers in Nigeria sell beef but buying goat meat might be a bit of a challenge especially if you do not want it in large quantity.

This is because to get goat meat you may have to buy a goat and pay for it to be slaughtered and properly cleaned.

Not many people have the financial or consumption capacity to buy a full goat, so many people reserve eating Ogunfe till when they go to local eateries, restaurants that have goat meat on their menu.

While some people wait till they attend a party where they get an assortment of meat to choose from. And trust me, a Nigerian party never disappoints.

Many people are sceptical about cooking goat meat because of the meat from a male goat has a peculiar smell which many people do not like.

On the other hand, cooking female goat meat can be time consuming because meat from a she-goat is very tough so it takes a lot of time to cook.

You must be wondering if the meat I used for this recipe is from a he-goat or a she-goat.

Actually, the meat I used for this recipe is from a she-goat because I am one of those people who feel nauseous because of the smell of he-goat meat. Infact, I don’t like meat from he-goat at all.

But as I stated earlier, cooking meat from a she-goat can be time consuming because the meat is tough and doesn’t soften fast.

In this recipe, I will also be giving you tips on how I soften my she-goat meat faster.

Make sure you read this blog till the end if you are just like me i.e you don’t like the smell of he-goat’s meat but you also do not have to luxury of time to wait for a long time till she-goat’s meat is well cooked.

Below are the ingredients I used for this recipe

Goat Meat Stew Ingredients

  • 12 pieces Goat meat
  • 2 big sized onions
  • 2 table spoons ginger powder
  • 3 small seasoning cubes
  • 1 teaspoon thyme
  • 1 teaspoon curry powder
  • 1½ teaspoon salt
  • 2-3 bay leaves
  • 4 cups water
  • 15 tomatoes
  • 7 scotch bonnet peppers
  • 3 bell peppers
  • 7 cayenne peppers
  • 1½ cups vegetable oil


  • Pour goat meat into a bowl, add a lot of water and clean with water only
  • After cleaning, put the goat meat in a bowl and set it aside.
  • Peel the onions,slice one (1) onion and cut one (1) into big chunks
  • Pour the tomatoes, scotch bonnet pepper, bell pepper and cayenne pepper into a big bowl
  • Add water and clean the tomatoes and peppers to remove any dirt.
  • Put the washed tomatoes, peppers , big chunks of onions into a blender and blend it to achieve your desired consistency.

I prefer a rough consistency especially when I am cooking the stew for rice. but when I intend to mix the stew with efo elegushi okra, weed edu to eat swallow then I blend the peppers until I get a smooth consistency.


  • Put a pot that is big enough to contain all the goat meat on fire
  • Pour the cleaned goat meat into the pot
  • Add the sliced onions, ginger powder, seasoning powder, thyme, curry powder, salt, bay leaves
  • Add some water and cook till the meat is soft enough to your preference.
  • When the meat is soft enough, separate the meat from the broth by removing the meat from the broth and putting it in a basket
  • Put your frying pan on fire
  • Pour 1½ cup of vegetable oil into the frying pan and allow it heat up briefly
  • Put the cooked goat meat into the hot oil and fry it is brown but not crispy or crunchy so that the meat does not become too dry. Do this until everything is fried.
  • After frying all the meat, set it aside .

Let’s start cooking the goat meat sauce


  • Pour some of the oil used to fry the goat meat into a pot .

I do this because using the oil used to fry the goat meat to cook the sauce further intensifies the goat meat flavour in the sauce

  • Add the roughly blended tomatoes, peppers and onions.
  • Add the goat meat broth.
  • In order to ensure that I get the perfect taste and also avoid having a sauce that is too salty, I will not add and salt or seasoning powder because these have been added while cooking the meat. So I will wait till the sauce boils to taste if additional salt or seasoning is needed
  • Stir properly, cover the pot and allow it cook for 20 minutes
  • After cooking for 20 minutes, taste the soup to know if you need to add more salt or seasoning.
  • In my case, the sauce tastes just fine according to my preference so I didn’t need additional salt or seasoning.
  • Add the fried meat and cook for 10 minutes
  • After 10minutes, open the pot to let the steam out so that the sauce can fry
  • Let the goat meat stew fry for about 10 minutes while stirring at intervals so that he sauce doesn’t burn.

Please Note:

  1. The use of Ginger is very effective in softening food fast. For this reason, I always add ginger to my goat meat because it helps me reduce the cooking time
  2. You can use either fresh ginger or powder ginger. If you want to use fresh ginger it is better to grind/mash it before putting it into the pot.
  3. Also, frying the goat meat is not compulsory, you can also use boiled goat meat without frying it.


How to Cook Goat meat stew

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