How to cook ewedu with broom

Ewedu leaves is the main ingredient for cooking Nigerian ewedu soup which is enjoyed in other parts of the world in various cuisine and known with different names.

Ewedu leaves is also called Jute leaves, Lalo, Saluyot​ , Molokai,Mulukhiyah, Ayoyo, Bai Po depending on the region and the cuisine it is used to cook.

There are so many ewedu recipes which you can find on this blog as well as on my YouTube channel here Ewedu can be eaten alone or combined with other soups such as

– tomato Stew CLICK HERE

– Gbegiri soup

– Egusi soup

– Bokolisa soup

And many more

In Nigeria, because organic farming is  mostly practiced many farms produces are also seasonal. The raining season is synonymous with the abundance of vegetables at very cheap prices and as a result many people take advantage of the raining season to make ewedu powder in order to save money during the dry season. To learn more on how to make Ewedu powder click here

The health benefits of ewedu leaves are numerous as it contains vitamins such as vitamin A,C and E .These vitamins helps to protect the body from certain disease.

They also act as beautifying agents because they increase the production of collagen which keeps the skin supple and beautiful.

It is also believed to help with promoting easy digestion and bowel movements.

These benefits makes ewedu soup a widely consumed soup by the yorubas in Western Nigeria. Infact, ewedu soup is believed to be beneficial to pregnant women in pregnancy as well as for easy delivery.

That’s not all.

Ewedu soup is one of the first soups fed to babies because it helps to digest food well.

In today’s blog, I will be writing about the best ewedu recipe. How to cook ewedu soup with Brooms.

Cooking ewedu soup with Brooms is an old-fashioned but efficient way of cooking that has caused a lot of arguments because of the misconception people have about the method.

Ijabe – broom for cooking Ewedu soup

The broom used for ewedu soup is called Ijabe. Ijabe is small brown commonly sold in markets all across Nigeria.

Many people believe the brooms are just any broom found in the house. That’s not true!!!

What they do not know is that the broom used for mashing ewedu is dedicated to be used for cooking ewedu soup ONLY and nothing else.


Ewedu leaves

Kaun (potash)

crayfish powder

Iru (locust beans)



  • Remove the leaves and set it aside
  • Wash the leaves in clean water
  • Put the washed leaves in a basket to drain excess water
  • Cut the leaves into small pieces ( this makes it easy to mashes it with ewedu Brooms)
  • Pour water in a pot
  • Add Potash and allow it boil until the potash dissolves completely
  • Add locust beans into boiling water
  • Put the sliced ewedu leaves
  • Boil for 5-10 minutes (make sure you closely monitor it because it has a tendency to boil over and over flow)
  • Stir Occasionally with a spoon to make sure it doesn’t overflow
  • After 10 minutes, put the pot of ewedu on a flat surface
  • Mash with ewedu Brooms for about 5minutes
  • Put ewedu soup back on the cooker
  • Dissolve seasoning cube and salt in warm water and pour it into the ewedu soup
  • Add crayfish powder
  • Mix well and allow it cook for 2-3minutes

Old fashioned ewedu soup cooked with Brooms is ready. Watch the Video recipes CLICK HERE

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