Marugbo Leaf Powder 50g

Marugbo Leaf Powder 50g



Marugbo leaves powder is used to cook marugbo soup.  Marugbo soup is also called Obe Eweta or referred to as black soup in English. Black soup is a medicinal soup cooked/eaten by different tribes in Nigeria although with varying ingredients.


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The Ikale people of Ondo state cook marugbo soup with Marugbo leaves or marugbo powder.  Basil (also called efirin in Yoruba language) and spices that make the soup delicious and medicinal. People drink this soup as medicine or eat it with pupuru a native swallow prepared from processed cassava.

For recipe on how to cook marugbo soup, click her to read the recipe on my food blog here https://theonlinecook.com/marugbo-soup-obe-eweta-black-soup/


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Product of Nigeria


Dried Marugbo leaves

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